Today a name which shows the strength of Indian business and economy, a name which shows that our IT sector is the world’s best. $100 Billion is not just a number it shows the hard work of all Indians. Today, let’s celebrate and feel proud of a company which made it happen TCS- TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES.

Congratulations to each and everyone for the success of “Tata Consultancy services for joining the $100 Billion Market cap club”.

Now sharing the 100 Billion club with some great companies in the world like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Google’s Alphabet and Alibaba.

This millstone won’t be possible without the best management, workers, Investors and The most important -Customers who believed on TCS from all over the world.

After Good Q4 results posted by TCS, the share has made a high of Rs 3560 which lead to increase in the share capital and hence is able to become the $100 billion company

TCS’s market cap now is more than the Gross Domestic Product or GDP of more than 120 countries – countries like Ecuador, Slovakia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Belarus, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Luxembourg – all of these countries, full, proper countries! – have a GDP less than the hundred billion dollar mark, and TCS’s market cap alone is more than the GDP of all of these countries.

The story of TCS started long back when it was founded back in 1968. Tata consultancy services is the subsidiary company of TATA group. It is currently present in 46 countries of the world.

In earlier 1968 – TCS got a contract for punched card services to sister company TISCO (now Tata Steel), working in an Inter-Branch Reconciliation System for the Central Bank of India.

IN 1975– TCS delivered an electronic depository and trading system called SECOM for the Swiss company SIS SegaInterSettle & developed System X for the Canadian Depository System and automated the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

IN 1980- TCS established India’s first dedicated software research and development center, the Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC) in Pune.

 IN 1981- India’s first client-dedicated offshore development center, set up for clients Tandem.

IN 1999- TCS offer Decision Support System (DSS) in the domestic market under its Corporate Vice President and Transformation Head Subbu Iyer.

On 25th August 2004, it first time traded in Indian stock exchange after Its IPO got listed.

From that day Onwards TCS help their clients by developing various software for corporate, Schools, Stock exchanges, Government and many more the list never ended.

On July 2014, TCS became the first Indian company with over Rs 5 lakh crore market capitalization.

On Jan 2015, TCS overtook Reliance Industries and became the most profitable company in India.

And Now in April 2018, TCS became the only company to acquire $100 billion market cap from India.

From the day TCS listed in India share market till now you know how much rich it made Investors.
This photo will Show you the true picture.

Now wonder Why Infosys, Cyient, Mindtree and all IT sector were not able to do this, Here are the points which made this success.

  • Till now it Had only 4 CEOs in 50 years that is one of the most important things that leadership is being a constant factor and helped to develop the company.
  • Less Interference of parent company and subsidiary company into the management of TCS.
  • One of the most Important factors, TCS pays the best salary to their employees and it is the sixth-largest private employer in the United States (387,223 employees).
  • TCS use to pay High Dividends to their shareholders so that Investors have a good faith on the company and invest for a long time.
  • IT sector is directly connected with Dollar. In past 12 years dollar rose from $1= Rs38 to $1= Rs 66, this made a great impact on the Company.

Why dollar and IT Sector in India are connected?

IT Sector develops different software as per the requirement of the customer and they give on a subscription basis. They never sell it at once. Major clients of it are from other countries, so if they subscribe there software package they have to pay in dollars and that creates a dollar reserve with the company. Once the dollar price keeps on increasing the reserve price also increases.

Let’s Hope that more and more companies of India enter this list and make Us proud in my view and analysis Reliance Industries may be next one to do it!

All the above written is my own view not endorsed by STARUPSWITCH.
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